Friday, August 26, 2011

I should do this more often..

Everyday 15 or so things to blog about pop in my head. My handbag is full of little scraps of paper with blog topics written on them!
I cant remember the last time i actually blogged..
I think i started some number of things to blog about project but im awesome at starting a project and NEVER finishing it.. Unless of course its for somebody else.. Cards, gifts, happies.. Those things i can finish without a problem. Two days after i found out i was pregnant, i started knitting a babies blanket for future Finneas. Hes 16 weeks old today and i havent even finished the first skein and its only a 6 ounce skein!! But my girlfriend is due with their (combined) 4th boy in a few weeks and im already almost done with hers..
I make all the excuses. Im busy. Im tired. There arent enough hours in the day. The boys got into my crafting supplies and teepeed my house with yarn and hid all my needles and hooks.. I tell myself they arent excuses but reasons..
The reason i've stopped blogging is my PC is in my bedroom. Finn's crib is also in my bedroom. My typing wont wake him up but me sending one of the bigger boys out of the room every few minutes will. Also, Wilson has a very "out of sight, out of mind" view on Mommy law. The moment he realizes im not in the room he goes buck wild!
So heres my plan. Im going to be stupid for a week and relocate my computer to the living room. I know this is almost an open invitation for the children to destroy my computer but a few weeks ago i turned my studio room into a play room for the boys so they have pretty much vacated the living room. So this may work.. We'll see!

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  1. Please start blogging more!

    Also, I can totally relate to your projects. I will make gifts for everyone, but can't finish a damn thing for my house.