Friday, April 29, 2011

Too much time to think..

So my water broke at 31 weeks and 6 days.. I have now been laying in the bed in the hospital for 5 days and im driving myself crazy..
This isnt exactly how i had planned the last few days of my childbearing years but I guess I'll take what i can get..

Bill Lumbergh (from Office Space) is my doctor..

The nurses station has little snacks and drinks for patients (like most do) but for some reason this one has soda.. Is soda really what we should be offering people in need of health care? And while were on the subject, Sierra Mist Naturals? Whats so damn natural about a lemon lime carbonated beverage?

Unicorns and glitter!!

Ive never really been a big fan of television.. For the most part the only thing on TV i truly enjoy is Jeopardy. After being layed up in this bed for a week, I REALLY dont like television. My brain feels dull.

You know how much i love my kids? The boys dumped an entire bag of grass seed in my veggie garden and i dont really care. The grass its growing is beautiful, makes the veggies look like weeds..

Though i dont go to church (or believe for that matter) Its weirdly comforting that this is a Catholic hospital with statues of flying nuns all over the place and im staying in a place called the Seton Center..

Rolling around in a wheel chair is not as fun as it used to be.

I miss noise. All this quiet is weird. No screaming little boys, nothing breaking. No Blue Angels circling my house. I know peace and quiet is soothing for some people, for others though.. Its stressful.

You know that expression "when it rains, it pours"? Since Ive been in the hospital we learned that Wilson is severely allergic to ant bites. The poor little dude is covered from head to toe in wicked hives from a bite on his foot..

I miss my dudes so much. Ive never been one of those Moms that cant stand to be away from their children. Hell yea ill take a break when i can get it! But I've never had to be away from them this long. Im on the end of my fifth day in the hospital and im really starting to miss the little things about each of them. I miss Presley's questions, I miss River's snuggles and I miss Wilson's little words (hes learning a new one about every hour)..

Ive got a great view of the parking garage and a few strips of the parking lot next to it. Im starting to think the driver's license exam should be harder.

When you use the expression "hot as balls in here", docs look at you weird..

Today with my lunch i got gatorade in a can.. It was weird!

There are two things that women tend to do that drive me crazy.. The first is complain that they dont have a man (gag, vomit, deal).. And the second is women who have kids complain that they dont get a break or dont have a babysitter.. Yea, you had kids.. Tough..

As horrible as it sounds, Im so ready to have this baby.. I know everyday he stays inside is two less days he'll have to stay in the NICU. I know its not time for him to be born, i know hes small.. But i cant lay in this hospital for another month! I feel like an old dog that needs to be put down because of bad hips. Im achy and sore and sick and damn tired of the inside of this room. I miss my house. I miss my kids. I miss being barefoot in my kitchen. I had plans for this week damnit! Presley's spring break ends soon and hes got to be back at class on Monday. My Mom came down the day my water broke and her and James have been taking shifts at the hospital with me but she has to leave on Monday then James will have to stay at home full time with the kids and that leaves me up here by myself (yea pity party i know..).. I have no idea how im going to make this work if i have to stay here..

Okay well im gonna go walk to the coffee pot (the only thing im allowed to walk to) and maybe something amazing will happen..
Thanks for reading the ramblings of a crazy lady..
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  1. Harper's the same way with ant bites. And, of course, he refuses to stay away from the ant hills. I have a constant campaign of ant genocide going in our back yard.

  2. *hugs* Hang in there!!! You can do it!!! <3

  3. Hey it's Rhiannon from Babycenter. Ironically i know what your going through, although he stayed in for seven weeks in the hospital TG. Keep in touch!